Blanc Agency is a specialized design and branding firm focused on creating unique visual identities for other businesses.  At Blanc, we live our motto “Daydream and Create”. We are a husband and wife team who love to get involved in all of our projects in a hands-on way.





Our design process is based on proven market research and tactical trend projections. We focus on minimal designs that stand out in today’s media-saturated culture to help highlight what’s important and unique about your business. Through reference and research, the design process for each client is as individual as the brands themselves

Our studio is located in a 200 year old warehouse, which we took on as a personal project in 2014. “Casablanc“ is a 15,000 square foot space in Boston’s Newmarket neighborhood which includes 23 private studios, two 1,000+ square foot gallery spaces, as well as a common use woodshop and production studio. 

Cait Danahy

Production Coordinator


Pat Dagle

Creative Director


 Cait is a classically trained photographer, copywriter, and self-taught designer from Boston. She is responsible for client communication, content organization, and finding ways to bring our over the top concepts to life. She believes every design project is a challenge, which, through conceptual deconstruction and abstraction, can be solved visually.

Pat is a Boston-based Designer, Art Director, Entrepreneur, and Hammer-Slinger from Massachusetts. Through bold, minimalist approaches Pat portrays messages through symbolic, poetic, and sometimes radical means. His mediums range from print to digital, from design to development. DIY TILL DEATH.

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