Gran Gusto Restaurant

Chef Giuseppe Castellano has won many culinary awards both in Boston as well as internationally. While his food was keeping customers happy, he wanted to update the look of his restaurant to do the same. We worked within the boundaries set by his landlord (no permanent changes to the space) and created a sleek, modern Italian look that highlighted the ingredients, just like Chef Castellano’s food. We used natural wood textures, black concrete and steel to create a dark, Neapolitan ambiance that highlights the artistry of Italian cooking.

We designed and installed a new bar (produced locally by our friends at Structure Design Build), rearranged the layout of the restaurant, redesigned the entire bar area, created a patio in the front of the restaurant, designed a new print menu, business cards, pizza boxes, signage, website, and coordinating social media platforms during this rebrand. We also worked with the restaurant for a six-month long period to build an online advertisement campaign from scratch. This involved conceptualizing and designing weekly promotions, social media advertisements, and posts over the corse of a six-month period.

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