Squealing Piglet Bitters

Steve Moody and partner Christine Flynn came to us with a product for crafting cutting-edge cocktails. They wanted to pay homage to cowboy culture, so we went to the roots of bitters and reinvented that image to highlight herbal mixing techniques and the culinary background of Squealing Piglet‘s founders.

One of the biggest challenges this project presented us with was creating custom bottles for a small batch on a small budget. We teamed up with a local screen printer who engineered a custom bottle printing tool which allowed him to hand-roll each bottle. This specialized printing process incorporated another level of individuality to the product by allowing for subtle differences and slight imperfections that are only visible up close and in person.

We created a complete brand for Squealing Piglett Bitters including: logo, package design, tags, menu design, business cards, stationary, website and coordinating social media platforms

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